Want to heal your past and live your best life?  It IS possible, and it doesn’t have to take long!

‘I LOVE my work using a blend of coaching, NLP, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting.  I use different modalities depending on what’s needed, and it works really well to dip into my toolbox and see the incredible transformations clients have in a very short space of time.  I am also now trained as a Family Constellations Therapist and offer workshops in person and online’.

The Questions I am usually asked are around Matrix, so here goes with a bit of an explanation…..

Many people are now aware of EFT emotional freedom technique; it can be so beneficial for releasing negative patterns, and overcoming challenges and unwanted behaviours.  One technique that can be used in EFT is the movie technique where we can release what happened in the past, but Matrix Reimprinting goes much deeper and allows you to ‘reimprint’ what happened by interacting with yourself to support more helpful memories and thought processes.

One client said:  

Many thanks to Janey for the personal coaching and Matrix Reimprinting sessions. The techniques used are so releasing!  Janey made me feel safe and relaxed enough to delve into some real personal issues I had been hanging onto for years.  I am so grateful for Janey’s work, it’s helped me lay these feelings to rest and find my inner peace to move forward in life.. Z. G Suffolk

Karl Dawson created Matrix Reimprinting, which evolved from EFT.  It enables you to change the negative thoughts and feelings attached to traumatic memories. You can also use Matrix Reimprinting to transform your beliefs about the future and therefore the outcomes you get.

It’s an odd name right!  It can sound a little woo –woo but it’s based on Quantum Physics and has some profound effects,You have probably heard of EFT emotional freedom technique but Matrix Reimprinting goes further still to help you make sense of old limiting beliefs and change your negative thoughts and feelings, even those connected with trauma (whether that be trauma with a big T or a little t!) to become manageable.  We can’t change what happened to us, but we can change what we made it mean.  It’s not just about the past either, you can literally transform your thinking and beliefs which could have a positive outcome on your future, and achieving the life you want to live, without the unnecessary ‘baggage.’

We have all experienced being ‘triggered’ by something that makes us feel uncomfortable, perhaps panicky, while others around us are oblivious, sometimes we recognise that the experience was triggering an old memory that still holds that ‘emotional charge’ and can be causing us stress and even illness many years later.  The good news is that we can identify those memories and change the picture and the energy around the event.

One of the best ways to understand Matrix Re-imprinting is to hear the founder Karl Dawson talking about how he created it.  Episode 165 of Alcohol Free Life podcast is an interview with Karl.


Most people have built themselves a fairly high ‘brick wall’ of limiting beliefs, stories they have told themselves, that have perhaps stemmed from an innocuous comment made by a teacher in primary school, or an exasperated parent.  Our unconscious mind acts rather like a google search, and without offering any judgement or opinion, it will go out to seek more of what we focus on.  Our Reticular Activator (RAS) will look to justify our beliefs and bring us more examples, so the child who was told in school….’Sit down, be quiet we don’t want to hear your voice’, may perhaps ‘make that mean’ that they are shouldn’t have a voice, that they aren’t worth listening to, and when a similar experience happens in secondary school, or they perk up one too many times at a family gathering and are silenced by parents, they can make that mean at some unconscious level that it’s not safe to ‘speak’ up’ or voice what they want to say. 

Without any conscious awareness of this, they may find difficulty asking for what they need in relationships, be afraid of speaking in public, or giving a presentation at work, and may decide its simply easier to keep quiet.

Our thoughts and feelings about what happened in the past can ripple down into emotional issues and negative thinking in our adult lives.  Because we know that ‘The Body keeps the score’ we also recognise that trauma and stress can be held in the physical body too, which can result in being unwell physically. 

For anyone who is quite ‘visual’, Matrix Reimprinting can be amazing, we can go back to early memories and traumas (in a very safe way that does not trigger the individual) and become aware of the understanding and beliefs that were created at that time. Then we can ‘reprogramme’ the unconscious mind so that we find a positive outcome to ‘imprint’   It’s tricky to explain, but it’s incredibly healing in a very time. It’s also quite creative and fun, and usually clients leave feeling positive, they find that issues are resolved and they can feel resourced for the future they want to create.

No experience is needed, as the practitioner guides you through the process which may incorporate EFT tapping (no experience needed there either) and in my practice I often use other aspects of coaching included NLP (Neuro linguistic programming) and family constellations.

Contact me for an initial chat or to book a session or a package. Janey @imperfectlynatural.com



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