How is your January going? Hopefully you are not ‘resolving’ to do anything differently, you are just embracing what has worked well for you, and setting intentions to step into the ‘real’ you. Rather than the whole ‘new year, new you’, let’s just find our true selves again!
One Sober Club member wrote to me and said she was in her early days in ditching the booze and just finding her ‘sober shoes’. I love that!  Try it on for size, and see if it fits. Whatever behaviour change you are making, stick with it, even the first few days when it feels too hard, and the ‘shoes’ feel too tight, soon it will flow a little more easily. Take baby steps in your sober shoes!

Don’t forget it’s much easier to do this with some kind of encouragement, accountability and support. Whatever stage you are at, it’s fantastic to connect with others on a similar journey and share what’s next for you.

If you’re not already a member join us in The Sober Club, its perfect for whatever stage you are at, some members on trying on their early days sober shoes, for others they have been sober for months or years and are taking baby steps towards a new career, getting fit, eating well, or rediscovering hobbies they didn’t know they had! Join is

Wellbeing Retreat – Selfcare in Sobriety

We had the most wonderful wellness break last weekend at Champneys , just a small group but it was amazing to connect!  They do say

The opposite of addiction is connection… and it was literally life changing for some to meet others who had experienced the same struggles!

Here’s just a few of the testimonials received…
‘This retreat was exactly what I needed, to reconnect to my goals and my commitment to self-care and sobriety, I now feel highly optimistic, thank you Janey!’    LC London

‘I wanted to reinforce and re-energise my commitment, this retreat exceed all expectations. I love Janey’s passion and energy and this group!    TH Herts

‘I am leaving this retreat feeling empowered, inspired and confident that I can ‘be the change’. This retreat is a true act of self-care and a brilliant way to connect with others.    AS Hampshire

Join us for our May retreat!

We have just launched spaces on our ‘Sobriety Rocks’ retreat too at Inner Guidance in Suffolk. The end of January one is full and the new one is on the 8 -10 May. It’s a beautiful old country house, very rustic with open fires and beautiful grounds including a labyrinth and in addition to the ‘teaching’ sessions there will be Yoga (suitable for all), a gong bath (sound healing – you don’t get wet!) and a cacao ceremony. Do get in quick, spaces sell out fast, the shared accommodation is cheaper, and usually it works out just fine even if you don’t already know the person you end up sharing with! There are a few single rooms too. The food is the BEST ‘gourmet’ vegan, and lots of it! Book here, and if you have any issues, do please call Jo at Inner Guidance.


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