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You’ve sorted your Sober Toolkit, now prep your Corona Virus survival guide. This one has us all in a panic right? And what worries me most if that people who are ditching the booze and doing well are getting into fear mode and thinking about reaching for the booze.  Negative thoughts escalate quickly, but we can choose and direct our thoughts and our energy.

The current crisis is without doubt real, and I’d be lying if I said I am not concerned,  this is affecting us all and it’s even more distressing for those with underlying health conditions.  We can’t sadly wave a wand and feel ok, its real, its here, but we can feel grounded and as positive as possible.   

My Number One tip, Get out of the fear state, it creates cortisol, which makes us anxious and lowers our immunity,  It’s a natural phenomenon so that we can ‘fight or flight’ , to allow us to run from the tiger – except there isn’t any wild animals usually, its only a perceived threat or danger, albeit it really does feel scary!   We can’t be on ‘Panic Island’ the whole time, we must find a way to get over to a ‘safe space’

Look inward and connect to yourself. We  need to be prepared but not panic, the more prepared you are, the calmer you feel.

This really is a dark night of the soul for many, our fears are rising, and it makes our heart beat faster, that’s when we can turn to old habits, we get into panic mode and reach for the only thing we know that numbs us out, calms the pain and fear if only temporarily.  Don’t let this be the reason to decide to go back to old habits!

Ask yourself what is my fear?

We do have to face our fears, and the answer will never be at the bottom of a bottle.  Those of us who have ditched the booze know that while being sober doesn’t make everything ok, it does make us more resilient, it gives us hope and clarity.

Create your Survival Toolkit

My suggestions for your ‘survival toolkit’ are simple but I hope they help.

Just as with our Sober toolkit we need a few angles, in your ‘toolbox’ make sure you have something:

Physical. That doesn’t mean panic buying which is unkind to those who can’t stock up, buy what you need but ensure you have good nutrition and fresh fruit and veg to support your immunity (see later)

Notebook and a pen to journal your thoughts

Essential oils such as Oregano oil, Tea Tree oil can be put in a diffuser of popped into a bowl of hot water and inhaled. Supplements if appropriate.

Inspirational Have access to podcasts, inspirational talks and books that are meaningful  Have some music that you love listening to and that encourages you to dance!

Social  You may be ‘socially isolating’, but you can connect online, having said that avoid excessive use of social media. Ring your friends and family or talk via skype or zoom. Connect to those in your tribe.  Join The Sober Club where we can support one another.

Emotional and spiritual  Practice reflection, meditation and mindfulness daily

Boosting immunity

We don’t know everything about this virus, but we do know that a good strong immunity will always be beneficial.  There has never been a better time to build up a strong immunity.


Fresh fruit and veg is so important!,. Have regular juices and smoothies, Don’t forget you can freeze fresh veg and a great tip is to buy some mung beans or similar so that you can have fresh sprouted seeds any time!

Vitamin C is critical, especially from botanical sources, so eat lots of mixed berries, (fresh or frozen) and get vitamin C from citrus fruits

Wild Garlic is in season, Don’t forget Ginger and Turmeric which are antibacterial too.


Vitamin C has been linked to the fight in many other viruses, despite it not being conclusiove whether it is effective for corona virus.

Have plenty of vitamin C, from botanical sources, ie a good diversity of berries and citrus fruits, when you supplement choose a high quality supplement such as the Pure Balance supplements devised by a nutritional healer with thirty years’ experience. If you are a member of The Sober Club see the recommendations in our Nutrition section, in any case please say I sent you! Pure Balance Supplements

You can make berry smoothies. and add chia seeds et al.

Vitamin D Many of us are deficient, do consider taking an oral supplement such as Better You Vitamin D spray, and of course get some sunshine when we can. Don’t forget the importance of Zinc too, great for colds and flu.


These are non toxic plants and herbs that can help the body resist stressors, phusical or chemical, they have been used for centuries in ayervedic healing traditons, obvious ones are Turmeric, wonderfully anti-inflammatory and Ginger

In The Sober Club members portal we have an exclusive video interview with Helena Cavan on using adaptogens to boost immunity, she loves Maca powder and Chaga root. Chaga is a medicinal mushroom and is often referred to as the king of plants. She explains that these plants grow in ‘wild places’ in the case of Chaga, it’s on silver birch trees and it has very high levels of antioxidants and phyto nutrients.  You can buy Chaga powder or the actual ‘rocks’ and it can be added to smoothies or drunk like a mug of tea

Helena recommends this great Detox drink.

Dr Axe’s Detox Drink recipe – apple cider vinegar especially good for cravings if you are in the early weeks of ditching booze.

1 glass of warm or hot water (12–16 ounces)

  • 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • ½–1 teaspoon ground ginger
  • ¼ teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 dash cayenne pepper
  • 1 teaspoon raw, local honey (optional)


1. Warm the water.

2. Mix all ingredients together.

3. Best served warm but drink at desired temperature.

Health and Wellbeing.  Just a note for anyone who is lucky enough to have access to a sauna, raising the body temperature temporarily can be a good thing !


And Breathe! 

As we know the Corona Virus affects the respitatory system, a test they say is to take a deep breath in the morning and hold the breath for 10 secpnds, if you can do that easily thats great.,

While you are well, practice getting in touch with your breath.

Try the ‘box’ breathing or the ’16 breath’, Breathe in for 4 hold for 4, out for 4, hold, you can increase the time, focus on the inhalation and the exhalation, to use the whole lung capacity. 

Another good exercise is to breathe in for 4, exhale for 6, so that the exhalation goes a little further.  Focus on breathing in light and love, and breathing out – releasing all fear.

Get out into nature, parks, gardens, the sea is not in lockdown!   A recent facebook post doing the rounds points out that in Wuhan in China they can hear birds sing!

Create a mantra for yourself, and  write it on post-it notes

‘I am safe and protected’.


Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) can be wonderful for bringing down fears.  In The Sober Club we have tapping techniques to help you to address your fears.


If you’ve always found it difficult, now is the time to try it, connect with yourself and allow your breathing to calm, start with 5 minutes, Use one of the guided meditations from the self-love challenge.


Place your hand over your heart, (or both hands) , breathe, think of something you love, (it could be a person, a pet, a place) your breathing will slow down, stay in that mode of love and slow down your breathing.  Send that feeling of love out to a wider community Read my blog post on the heart.

Turn your radio dial meditation

Settle yourself comfortably, lying down or sitting with a straight back, hold your hands loosely. Close your eyes and connect to your own energy, breathe deeply

Take 7 slow deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the nose.

Now imagine that in front of you there is an old fashioned radio

The radio set has two dials, imagine that there a chaotic cacophony of noise, its as if both are tuned to the radio station of panic, and they’re turned up full.  You can hear jumbled fearful news reports, sirens wailing, doors slamming, snippets of frightened conversations, children crying. 

Now imagine reaching for one of the dials, and tuning it to a different frequency,  a station broadcasting birdsong, calming music, people talking about peace, hope and positivity. Good news, the sound of laughter.

Imagine turning down the ‘fear and chaos’ dial so that it at the very least is in balance with the other one.  There is still some chaos in the mix, the sounds are jumbled together, but In this way we are acknowledging and accepting that the crisis is real, but we are balancing it with hope, sending love and light.  Imagine ‘tuning’ in to the higher frequency and noticing that one despite the other one still playing.

Raise your vibration by ‘tuning’ in to a higher frequency/ Practice turning down the chaotic dial little by little till it’s barely noticeable.  Sadly it is still switched on, but it’s not your focus , things have more ‘balance’


Theres never been a better time to remember selfcare and as spa days and trips to museums might be out of queston soon a book such as Catherine Grays’ The Unexpected joy of the ordinary suddenly feels very timely

All of these simple acts of selfcare are still possible (and free!)

Pet an animal!


Listen to music,

Watch comedy,

Play board games, cards or ball games in the garden or yard.


Listen to hypnosis audios

Clean your home, or declutter (with the added benefit of a workout)

Walk in nature


Plant some seeds, nurture them

Write in your journal

Paint, draw or create a collage

Relax in a bath, add a few drops of essential oil and a some magnesium salts.


Add at least 20 of your own suggestions!


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