Discover Happy Healthy Sober narrated by me!

Ditch the booze and take control of your life – Did you know that the first 30 days of sobriety are the most difficult? 

I wrote this book for those of us who aren’t at rock bottom but want to be as healthy and happy as possible. We often don’t realise that the missing piece of the puzzle can be drinking, particularly if we are drinking just a ‘few’ occasionally, but if this is the case, we are what is called ‘grey area drinkers.   

If you are waking up at 3am like I was, unable to sleep and regretting finishing off that bottle of wine, I know exactly how you feel. 

Much of my life and career has been with the mission of improving people’s health simply by making the right choices – choices that are sometimes hidden from us by the rip rig and panic of 21st century life. For many of us, quitting the alcohol habit is the missing piece of our healthy lifestyle – and could be a new important chapter in our path to being happy, healthy… and sober. 

If you are considering giving up the booze or if you want to focus on optimum health and wellbeing underpinned by not drinking alcohol, then one mantra I repeat a fair bit is ‘Keep the Ritual Change the Ingredients’ –you don’t want to feel deprived, and you don’t need to! 

Why has the opening of pubs and serving alcohol so often been top of the news agenda during the lockdown? Because so many of us are grey area drinkers and becoming worse. 

So, as you know I launched The Sober Club and my ‘Alcohol Free Life’ podcast and my book ‘Happy Healthy Sober’ available in different eBook formats, which has received some great reviews…. Now it’s available on Audible. If you like to listen to your books, when you’re out on a walk, at home on an evening relaxing, this is a great option, it’s narrated by myself so it’s Happy Healthy Sober as it’s intended to be heard. 

I hope to inspire you to look at your relationship with alcohol and ditch the booze to live your best life. 

As the first thirty days is the most difficult, I am here to help you. I share my own story in the book, and there’s a 30-day challenge to help you across the first step (you don’t have to be at rock bottom to benefit from ditching the booze). It also has a huge section on wellbeing, with some amazing expert contributors on topics such as nutrition, therapies, creativity, anxiety, the menopause, meditation, fitness, et al. The foreword is by the wonderful Denise Welch who was one of my podcast guests and has been so open about how she got sober and the impact it had on her clinical depression. 

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