I am SO stoked to share that I am going to be speaking at Russell Brand’s Community festival, its 14-17 in Hay on Wye, all about connection, spirituality and awakening – speakers include Wim Hoff, Satish Kumar, Dr Vandana Shiva and many more..sounds like my bag!

Russell’s ‘thing’ is 12 step recovery, so the fact that I am speaking about being ‘Sober Curious’ is a fantastic ‘bridge’ between the two worlds, I am hoping that people who would never consider going near the ‘Recover’ stage (ie me 6 years ago!) yet are secretly unsure about their drinking, might come to my talk and see that there is another way and you don’t have to be clinically dependent or wait till you’re rock bottom to change the conversation around alcohol. Speaking on Sat 15 at 11am (same day as Wim Hoff …just saying!)

Watch this space for a blog post about where AA can meet ‘Grey area drinking’, that term first used by Jolene Park to beautifully describe those of us who were not at rock bottom and can get free from the alcohol trap


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