How is your sleep ? Apparently we are a nation of insomniacs but if you have ditched the booze that’s a good start towards restorative sleep

If you’d like an even deeper sleep try this lovely sleep tonic recipe courtesy of registered nutritionist Rob Hobson, author of The Art of Sleeping and a guest on the Alcohol Free Life podcast If you are a Sober Club member there is an exclusive Q and A with Rob in the member portal.

Sleep tonic – you can use 500ml of ready-made cashew nut milk but it’s just not as creamy

Coco choc sleep tonic 

Serves 2


100g cashew nuts

500ml water

1 tsp coconut oil

2 tsp cocoa powder

2 tsp honey

Pinch of cinnamon

Pinch of sea salt


Put everything in a blender and whizz till smooth – you may need to add more water if you like it less creamy

Transfer to a saucepan and heat gently for a few minutes before serving

You can also use almonds but you may need to ‘strain off’ some of the bits.

Top tip, you can have this drink at any time, add a few cacao nibs if you want a mid-afternoon energy boost.

Cashew nut and turmeric sleepy chai Serves 2
100g cashew nuts 500ml water½ tsp turmeric ¼ tsp ground cinnamon 3 cardamom pods (lightly crushed)2 tsp honeySmall pinch of salt

Place all the ingredients in a saucepan and whisk to combine – you may need to add ore water if you like it less creamy.Heat through gently for 5 mins then serve with cinnamon stick.

Rob Hobson’s book is The Art of Sleeping Buy it here.

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