You’re feeling solid in your sobriety, loving life…but there is something not quite right…maybe its time to step up?

What does it mean to be a Sober Club Coach?

So many Sober Club members tell me that since ditching the booze, they have come across others they would love to support, whether that be family members, colleagues or friends, and, while I wouldn’t always say ‘work with your family (!) what this shows us is that when our energy is right, we attract those that need our help and support, and there is no doubt, more and more people are starting to realise just how harmful alcohol is, becoming sober curious, and wondering if they too, could be free from the alcohol trap.

Training to be a Sober Coach helps you dig deep into personal transformation, and feel totally equipped and confident to start a coaching practice, host workshops, community meetings, whatever you choose, either as your main work, or as a sideline.  Some of our Sober Coaches are now adding these skills to their existing work as coaches or therapists, some are bringing the tools into the workplace, others are hosting podcasts, online workshops and community cafes

I loved this course. Janey’s course take you to places where you wouldn’t usually push yourself, but she gives you the tools and  info to help you grow through the challenges, it’s been nourishing nurturing and really worthwhile, even if you don’t intend to do this professionally, it’s worth it for yourself, it’s a really safe place’.


There is no one way to do this!  There is also no regulatory body in the UK for coach training, but for yourself it feels very different when you know you are supported, fully resourced and feel authentic in your ‘identity’ as a coach.

Its important to stress that this isn’t addiction counselling or therapy.  The training is to enable you to be able to support those people who are drinking more than they want to, they are otherwise ‘functioning’ NOT clinically dependent, but they are beginning to realise that alcohol is not serving them and want to be free from the alcohol trap.

Whether you already work as a coach, therapist or practitioner or are new to coaching, this in depth training can add new strategies to your skill set. You will also benefit from huge personal transformation as we deep dive into personal development. Sober Club coaches offer so much more than ‘just not drinking’, it’s a non-judgemental approach to helping your client uncover their inner wisdom. You will learn how to introduce tools which allow clients to see the rich tapestry that awaits them when they experience life in glorious technicolour – without the booze.

You can help clients break through fear, get back to their authentic self, help them get their mojo back ,and find their motivation. As a Sober Club Accredited Coach, you could make an incredible impact on someone else’s life and gain financial freedom for yourself. (It’s OK to aspire to be abundant!).

If you are already a coach this is ideal to add to your work. It’s also perfect if you are new to coaching and currently offer some kind of therapeutic / people centered work and are keen to share your passion and enthusiasm for self-care and sobriety. We will have a phone call to ensure that the programme is right for you.

If you want to offer sobriety coaching for paying clients, it is advantageous to have at least six months of sobriety under your own belt, but you may be keen to do the programme to support yourself, friends and family and take clients at a later date. Please note this is not ‘addiction recovery’ coaching.  The clients you will trained to work with are those who are not clinically dependent on alcohol. The focus is on self-care and resources to live life to the full.  It’s about well-being underpinned by sobriety.

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In this training, YOUR personal story will also become paramount, revealing the ‘Authentic You’ and the immersive transformational work gives you confidence, and empowers you to step into the spotlight so that you can help others.

From the moment I signed up to The Sober Club Accredited Coach Training Course, the whole experience has been amazing.  It was a transformational weekend where I honestly felt like I stepped into my true authentic self. I loved Janey’s holistic approach and the variety of different techniques she shared. It was packed with so much valuable content and covered all elements of coaching but also the importance of taking care of our own well-being, as well as the needs of the client – so refreshing.  Sharing a safe space with like-minded people, we were able to practice her tried and tested self-care techniques with each other, with some powerful results. I came away feeling stronger, inspired, and motivated to help others. Janey’s support is invaluable both during and after the course. She truly leads from her heart.

Debs Davison – Sober Club Accredited Coach

Email janey AT or dm on social media to schedule a conversation to see if this is right for you!

Is it time to step up?

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