Node – a place where things such as lines or systems join: A network is a series of points or nodes interconnected by communication paths. A point in a network or diagram at which lines or pathways intersect or branch. A node is a point of connection..

The word ‘node’ came up recently in a group meditation session I was part of. The facilitator mooted the idea that as we raise our consciousness we can become ‘nodes’, a point of connection.  Individually we can each act as ‘nodes’, align and awaken consciousness in others, and in case you are thinking, ‘Hold on! I’m just little old me, I’m not a guru or teacherYou don’t actually need to ‘do anything’ – You can just be you.

What’s powerful about this concept is that when we have embraced our own authenticity, stepped into our own identity and are living our purpose (bear in mind that does NOT have to mean you are an artist or a creator, as the lovely Angel expert Kyle Gray points out, Your purpose may just be to be happy)  then you can become a shining light for others. You could be the person who inspires someone else to live their best life, it might be that you share your own experience, or it might simply be that something of your energy seems so attractive, their thought process is …’I want some of what she (he) is having!’

In The Sober Club community recently, a couple of members have said they have been delighted and amazed to find that their partners, having seen them flourish without booze, have started trying alcohol free drinks and are ‘trying this sobriety lark out for size’

One woman bought her daughter a copy of a quit lit book and her daughter, who doesn’t drink every day, but does get depressed and anxious when she drinks, told her ‘I’m so proud of you mum, I’m going to give it a go’

I know of countless examples of people finding that the friends and colleagues who they once feared would be ‘sober shamers’, are now tentatively asking them about their sobriety,

Sober club members regularly invite friends and colleagues to join us, and our Sober Club giveback scheme allows members to pay for someone else. (we match any donations too)

These wonderful acts of kindness are spreading and resulting in more and more people becoming aware that there is a better way, that you CAN choose to be free from the alcohol trap, that you can find yourself again and get your mojo back. 

Are you a point of connection for others?

Don’t be confused into thinking that I am encouraging you to become strongly evangelical about ditching the booze or your new found health and wellbeing.  Nothing puts people off more than a judgemental over-zealous fresh faced newbie extolling the virtues of not drinking alcohol, while frowning down on someone else enjoying their pint, it’s much more subtle than that!

Make sure you are connected, don’t be a ‘lone node’, there is always power in numbers and sharing with like-minded souls.  Ensure that you are part of a strong network, that you are in alignment with your own values, then as you stand strong, as you become to feel aligned with your new identity and the choices you have made, you will start to realise that you too, are becoming a connecter, a beacon, you too, are showing others the way. It could be you holding the vision for someone else’s transformation.

During the meditation I did with my group, we were encouraged to imagine ourselves firmly rooted, connecting with the earth, connecting with light, and experiencing ourselves as a conduit for change.  I was outside and despite trying to focus, there were many distractions, a truck was reversing, neighbours were incredibly loud and a wasp seemed intent on getting me to open my eyes to bat it away, but somehow through the chaos, during the guided meditation I got a sense of being rooted, of standing tall like the posts I had seen the weekend before as part of a sand sculpture at Chalkwell Beach in Essex, there were 15 tall metal posts with hand painted figures on top, just positioned in the sea, strong against the tides and the elements  It also brought to mind one of my favourite pieces are artwork ever, Anthony Gormley’s Angel of the North.  A figure of strength, empowerment and connection if ever there was one!

Stay connected, be a Node, a connection point for others, (just don’t be a ‘lone node!’) Interaction is everything, make sure you are part of The Sober Club, join us for our zoom socials and we have some events coming up.


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