What an amazing year, of making connections and seeing people’s lives transformed.

We are doing a mini ‘re-launch from our birthday 7th Sept for 10 days, Join us and receive some great extra free gifts, after that we will close for a while to welcome new members and introduce even more fabulousness. The price may go up after that so if you are thinking of joining us come on down now! Join before Monday and you get to be part of our online celebrations on Monday morning and evening. If you’re ready to rock, Join us here.

Have you:

  • Woken up at 3am berating yourself for drinking too much?
  • Found yourself saying…I will only have one drink…only to find yourself finishing off the bottle?
  • Felt fearful that not drinking will isolate you from your friends?
  • Successfully stopped drinking, but then suddenly found yourself back at Day one?
  • Stopped drinking, but are still feeling unhealthy or overweight and out of sorts?
The  Sober Club could help you overcome THE ALCOHOL OBSTACLE and live your best life.

In The Sober Club you can…

  • Connect with others who have walked the same path
  • Have open conversations and discussions without any judgement
  • Discover ‘sober tool’s tips and inspiration
  • Question why you turned to alcohol and how you can ‘replace it’
  • Understand cravings, triggers and how to deal with emotions rather than ‘drowning your sorrows’ or numbing out
  • Learn simple therapeutic techniques such as EFT (emotional freedom technique)
  • Get inspiration and support to make diet and lifestyle changes
  • Increase your self-esteem and learn to love yourself again
  • Set boundaries around relationships and put yourself first
  • Look at your life through a different lens, are you clear on your purpose?

The opposite of addiction is connection

The Sober Club will connect to like-minded people and experts where you will be inspired, motivated and empowered to live your best life.

Ask yourself …

Would my life be better physically and emotionally without alcohol?

If your answer is yes … what’s holding you back?

Perhaps you are otherwise healthy, functioning, successful, and happy.

Being part of this amazing community is your key to finding the missing pieces of the jigsaw that will make you free from addiction

After decades of struggling to control alcohol, I was  inspired to join the Sober Club for the 90 day online course. The Club has fantastic online resources and a positive focus on the life benefits of being alcohol free.

The facebook group has honestly made all the difference to me staying sober this time. Janey is fantastically supportive, as are the wonderful group members. Being upfront and accountable without the fear of being judged has meant that I am facing up to things more now, and what a bonus to be making some lovely friends. I know they are genuinely there for me, through the good times and the bad, and I will be forever grateful!Julie, USA

'This club is like nothing I’ve ever done before. I’ve always poo poo’d FB, yet I’ve engaged with this group, been honest and gained such great support from some wonderful people. This fab tribe is very precious to me so thanks everyone' D.M 

More Testimonials HERE

We’ve all been brainwashed into believing the anagram ‘Sober = Bores’.  In fact Sobriety Rocks!

In The Sober Club we are realistic too. Sadly ditching booze doesn’t mean we are immediately full of energy, health, vitality and emotionally stable.  It can take a while for everything to ‘recalibrate’, so be part of a community who will keep you on track and support your ever increasing health and wellbeing.

I started the podcast Alcohol Free Life – now with 500K downloads! –  and have been blessed with amazing guests, and I gave a TEDx talk Sobriety Rocks – Who Knew!  I’m trained in EFT and I’ve trained to be an optimum health and wellbeing coach working with grey area drinkers to help them overcome the ‘alcohol obstacle…

So Join me in this inspiring community where I will help you all I can by sharing my experience and knowledge and bringing you some of the best experts in their field.

Are you ready to join us?

Here’s what you get with the membership…N

Get the Buzz without the Booze – 90 Day online course

This course (normally £197) is free to Sober Club members.  The course takes you from the start of your sobriety journey… through to rocking your optimum health and wellbeing. Twelve videos and the accompanying workbook encourage and inspire you through the early weeks, detailing the best nutrition, vitamins and minerals, therapeutic techniques and mindset strategies.  You will learn about cravings and triggers, how the brain works and how to utilise your ‘sober tools’.   This is an invaluable resource that is available to sober club members to work through at your own pace.N

Live Monthly Talks with Janey

By Zoom. You can ask questions in real time, or watch the recordings at your leisureYou’ll learn about great nutrition after detoxing the alcohol, how to avoid cross addictions  (Sugar!)  simple holistic therapeutic techniques that can boost your mood.  How to ‘control’ your thoughts and cravings, We will cover meditation and mindfulness, exercise, sleep, relaxation, treatments, relationships, sex and how to get social.   With this monthly inspiration I want you to discover your purpose and passion!N

Exclusive Facebook Community

Interact with like-minded people, make friends and connections, get support, share your experience, there will be people ahead of you, who have been at the same stage you are now, and those catching up.  As well as being part of the Facebook group generally, along with other experts I will drill down on the issues that are important to you in a weekly Q and A.N

Weekly Podcast – Alcohol Free Life

With bonus content for Sober Club MembersN

Mindset Buzz

Guided meditations, Inspirations, tips, insights, EFT (tapping) sequences), relaxation techniques, and hypnosis audios aimed at helping you relax and overcome challengesN

Nutrition and Fitness Buzz

Advice, Trainings, excercises, audios and articles from nutritional therapists, naturopaths, and fitness experts.N

Guides and Resources

Recommended reading lists, directories, recipes, self care tips, inspirations, advice and tequniques.  N

The Sober World

Sober Events and meet-ups, exclusive competitions and discounts on alcohol-free products, what’s in the mediaN

Advice from the professionals

We will bring you exclusive interviews with leading experts in their field, this will be different from them sharing their story on a podcast, in these sessions there will be teaching, tips and take-aways that will address any stumbling blocks you encounter.

Grab some amazing bonuses!

Join now and get a hypnosis audio courtesy of Glenn Harrold. Mindfulness for releasing anxiety (owrth £10.95

Ailsa Frank’s audio De-stress your Life (worth £9.99)

My exclusive audio How I stay motivated

If you join before Monday 7th you can join in our online party and grab another whole bunch of virtual goodies.

Join us here.


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